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I work for architects, interior designers, real estate brokers and individuals, to bring you a complementary communication tool that helps you to sell better and faster.

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3D Outdoors Architectural Visualizations

I am an independent Freelance 3D graphic designer, I propose to architects and professional builders or individuals, the vision of their future real estate projects.

Specialized and passionate in the production of 3D synthesis images, Parnassel is oriented in the creation of interior, exterior architectural images and all other types of 3D visualization project.
Parnassel is an architectural 3D visualization agency based in Israel.

Parnassel is a 3D architectural visualization services as well as creation of animations of computer generated images. 3D free-lancer animator, I realize for you 3D Movies; Computer graphics and videos with post production. I’m working on textures and lighting, moving objects, camera frames, characters postures, and editing to ensure rhythm and continuity to the finished product.

Indoor Architectural visualization 2D Animated

Ten times cheaper than a 3D rendering

Indoor Architectural visualization 3D Animated


Indoors & Outdoors 3D Architectural Visualization

Indoor Architectural visualization 2D Animated 



Outdoor Architectural visualization 2D Animated


3D Modeling / Visualization Industrial Design

Steps to create a 3D animation

1 Creation of a model to validate timings and framing

2 3D modeling of objects and characters »

3 Creating textures and materials

4 3D animation of cameras, objects and characters

5 Simulation of lighting

6 Images rendering

7 Images Composition

8 Video editing sequences of the film

9 Post-production and special effects with “After Effects”

10 delivery and media distribution


8 + 9 =