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Why choose parnassel for creating your WordPress website?

True design combines empathy, creativity, and rationality to develop innovative solutions that solve real underlying problems for users and customers.

The greatest business success comes from taking a long-term view, and any reasonable long-term view would account for human nature, human needs, human emotions, and human aspirations. That’s why a disciplined, thoughtful, and user-centered process is at the core of everything we do.

Our motto, “Design with depth,” reminds us that design is not a decorative art, but rather a problem-solving discipline.




You are looking for a professional Web service in Israel for your Website Design and development ; need a Domain name and want an affordable hosting plan, locking for a E-commerce solution with an interface allowing you managing your web content or translate your website. You need a service of website maintenance and you want your site to be accessible.

You have an interactive presentation project requiring 3D animations in Video format. Or with Flash animations  with an intuitive GUI  presented on CD room. Then print it on your Advertising brochure , With imaginative illustrations and creative logos. You are in the right place.


WordPress website easy to use

To effectively aim its purpose, a website, a presentation or every material else, it should be attractive, original, good-looking.
We have also an artistic formation. They implement the very meaning of words such as creativity, design, image-ination…

We know your project is your dream, your passion, your business, your hope and also your connection to the world. As artists, we work sincerely and passionately to keep your dream alive and transform it into a success story.

Client satisfaction is both our commitment and our achievement. We consider our customers as real partners to lead each project into success: They benefit individual approach, professional guidance, availability. With Parnassel you’ll always find someone to answer to your requirements.

Because we have the ability to offer attractive prices, without compromising to our high quality standards.



Site web WordPress performants

Constant enrichment of our abilities with the latest development in the technological tools, positions us at the supremacy level.

Our basic aim is to provide the best solutions and services to our customers supported with the latest and easy to adopt technologies. To be precisely committed to our customers, we amplify these latest technological in our services:


Multimedia Presentation on your WordPress Website

Parnassel can create visual presentations having a profound impact on your audience, ensuring that the message has been received.

If you need enhanced attention and comprehension during your projections, if you want to maximize your impact upon the public; to communicate differently and gives your presentation the speed reliability users demand.



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